This section covers and discusses information about various different VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) and technologies. This is not limited to just VMWare or Citrix. VDI is a subject of Desktop Strategies, and should be looked at in that fashion -- then it won't matter what the HW for the desktop is. That is the goal anyway -- to remove our reliance and tie to physical devices.

Virtual Desktops - Graphic Applications and Mouse

I recently came across a unique situation with a remote office as we virtualized the servers and looked to virtualizing the workflows. For this office we deployed Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 and provided a desktop to each user. Each user was provided a persistent desktop. This persistent desktop was created from a master image with installed core applications. Then each user had specific applications installed into their desktop creating a one-to-one desktop to user relationship.

Implementing VMWare View

VMware View is an exciting technology. Desktop Virtualization is probably one of the fastest growing segments within virtualization. Implement VMware View correctly and it allows you to instantly deploy and provision desktops to local and remote users from within your datacenter. Your organization can standardize the desktop deployments by creating images of approved desktops, then automatically provision as many as you need.
Easily manage groups of users from a single desktop image.


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