VMware CarbonBlack

One of the sessions I enjoyed the most at VMworld this year was CarbonBlack. CarbonBlack is VMware's security solution, it is designed as a cloud native endpoint and workload protection platform providing Endpoint Protection, it is an AV solution, an Incident Response solution and is used to maintain Risk and Compliance. CarbonBlack is a lightweight agent and a very robust EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

VMworld 2020 Kickoff

VMworld 2020 kicked off today. Lots of new stuff to catch up on. Horizon, Kubernetes, Tanzu and Carbon Black. The key take away from the Keynote is VMware is separating applications into containers to more easily deploy across different clouds (AWS, Azure, VMware, Google and others). Now you support and deploy the applications onto On-Prem, Cloud, and Edge.

VMware is incorporating Carbon Black into the hypervisor. More on this as I learn more.


VMworld is online this year (another pandemic change) September 29-Oct 1. VMWorld has always been a great value and source for information. This year the value is exceptional, the General Pass is free to attend online, there is still a Premium pay option to get some of the premiere content, but you can attend from free, and you should. Go to http://www.vmworld.com and signup. I'll add more content for VMworld once the the conference begins. VMworld will be web-based.

I'm Back! Thanks to Covid19

I am back online. I have not focused on my technology website. A couple of reasons for this, too much work and too little time. Second, it has not been a priority. My site was infected with a security vulnerability which required some code rewrites and updates. These have all been addressed and I'm back online.
In the coming weeks I'll be adding content regarding some of the last projects centering on Horizon Workspace One, Citrix Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

Powershell to Add Computers to AD

When I work with clients to assist with rapid building computers, often I will use the Wizard, but there are situations where I prefer to stage the computers in AD first. Rarely, do I want to build a group of computers one by one. So I use powershell to do this. Make sure you import the Active Directory module before you start. You may have to download the RSAT tools from Microsoft and enable them on your system. This script uses all of the native tools from Microsoft.

import-module activedirectory

Thick Disk v. Thin Disk -- "It Depends!"

It is surprising how often this scenario comes up, and I get asked the question, "Should we thin-provision or thick-provision our VM's?" My answer is almost always the same, "it depends." Today, I have the same answer, but for very different reasons from in the past. In the past, my answer was based on performance-related issues and saving expensive disk space. These are still very, valid concerns, however, now I answer based on risk. In recent days have been working with three different clients that have all experienced outages related to thin-disk provisioning.


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