This section is for information about Working From Home more efficiently and productively.

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom conferencing has created a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic and quarantines around the world. Zoom is an easy product to use. It works on the popular platforms, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone. Zoom was the first to support 250 users and it has one of the simplest interfaces to learn. It works for collaboration and screen-sharing. This is especially useful for non-technical people.

Zoom also started out with a free version of the product. Other conferencing systems have followed suit both in a free offering and in the number of users they allow.

My Setup

I have been working from home since before Covid19 became a reality.
Computer -
My primary computer is a Macbook Pro. For windows I have a second computer and I have dedicated virtual machines (VMs) for windows. I have MS office 365, and have been using Office on my Mac for a long time. Most people want MS Office documents/spreadsheets/presentations. While I prefer the Apple Products, I use both. Pick what works best for your needs.

Working From Home

Covid19 has changed the world. It seems everyone is now working from home, or slowly getting back to work. Here a re a couple of things to consider, I’m sure this is behind the times, but it’s still relevant.

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