Recently one of the companies I work with, and another I have done work with in the past were hacked. A few years ago my father's computer was hacked in the same way. Each of these attacks involved "ransomware."

What is ransomware and how does it work?
Ransomware is exactly as it sounds, your computer system gets hijacked, the data gets encrypted and your system is not usable until you pay the ransom to get it un-encrypted. Usually the ransom is paid in a digital currency, usually BitCoin.
Here's how it usually works:

VMware CarbonBlack

One of the sessions I enjoyed the most at VMworld this year was CarbonBlack. CarbonBlack is VMware's security solution, it is designed as a cloud native endpoint and workload protection platform providing Endpoint Protection, it is an AV solution, an Incident Response solution and is used to maintain Risk and Compliance. CarbonBlack is a lightweight agent and a very robust EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

VMworld 2020 Kickoff

VMworld 2020 kicked off today. Lots of new stuff to catch up on. Horizon, Kubernetes, Tanzu and Carbon Black. The key take away from the Keynote is VMware is separating applications into containers to more easily deploy across different clouds (AWS, Azure, VMware, Google and others). Now you support and deploy the applications onto On-Prem, Cloud, and Edge.

VMware is incorporating Carbon Black into the hypervisor. More on this as I learn more.


VMworld is online this year (another pandemic change) September 29-Oct 1. VMWorld has always been a great value and source for information. This year the value is exceptional, the General Pass is free to attend online, there is still a Premium pay option to get some of the premiere content, but you can attend from free, and you should. Go to http://www.vmworld.com and signup. I'll add more content for VMworld once the the conference begins. VMworld will be web-based.

Zoom Conferencing

Zoom conferencing has created a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic and quarantines around the world. Zoom is an easy product to use. It works on the popular platforms, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone. Zoom was the first to support 250 users and it has one of the simplest interfaces to learn. It works for collaboration and screen-sharing. This is especially useful for non-technical people.

Zoom also started out with a free version of the product. Other conferencing systems have followed suit both in a free offering and in the number of users they allow.

My Setup

I have been working from home since before Covid19 became a reality.
Computer -
My primary computer is a Macbook Pro. For windows I have a second computer and I have dedicated virtual machines (VMs) for windows. I have MS office 365, and have been using Office on my Mac for a long time. Most people want MS Office documents/spreadsheets/presentations. While I prefer the Apple Products, I use both. Pick what works best for your needs.


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