Implementing VMWare View

Submitted by jbredehoeft on Fri, 08/12/2011 - 14:32

VMware View is an exciting technology. Desktop Virtualization is probably one of the fastest growing segments within virtualization. Implement VMware View correctly and it allows you to instantly deploy and provision desktops to local and remote users from within your datacenter. Your organization can standardize the desktop deployments by creating images of approved desktops, then automatically provision as many as you need.
Easily manage groups of users from a single desktop image.

Delivering desktops as a managed service with VMware View typically lets you reduce your overall desktops costs by 50% by centralizing management and resources and removing IT infrastructure from remote offices. You can re-provision older hardware, utilize thin-client hardware, reducing both your desktop hardware cost and your licensing costs.

You don't need to update every desktop and laptop within your organization -- you can update your standardized desktop image and deploy it to your users at the same time. Some of the use cases for View are:

  • Deploy Windows 7.
  • Deploy a standard desktop for consultants.
  • Deploy a standard image for sales people.
  • Don't worry about data leaving the data center.
  • Rapidly provision a training environment, and restore the systems to your standard image when you are finished.
  • Deliver cost-effective virtual desktops and applications securely to call centers.
  • Unified and Secure desktop for government agencies, healthcare providers, branch campuses or offshore facilities.
  • Give partner organizations and independent service providers temporary access to corporate desktops through a secure network connection.
  • Perform maintenance and troubleshoot user issues without engaging in expensive on-site visits or maintaining remote IT staff and infrastructure.
  • Deliver a high performance desktop experience to users—wherever they are.

VMware virtualized applications run entirely in user mode and can be deployed to fully locked down desktops. No administrative rights are needed to execute these virtualized applications. Additionally, applications can be encapsulated in a fully encrypted file for deployment. IT staff can be assured security compliance needs are met while enabling end users to easily and safely access business critical applications.