Citrix, you aren't ready for Linux!

I'm a heavy linux user and linux desktop user. And my preferred OS is OpenSuse not Ubuntu, and it isn't Windows. I use SuSE because it is RPM-based (yes, I know there is Fedora).

I do a lot of Citrix work with both Xen-App and Xen-Desktop and they don't play well on my desktop. My sessions get disconnected frequently -- not to the point of being unusable but close. Yes, Citrix Reciever works with Darwin (Apple-Linux), and it works on the iPad (not linux), and it works on Ubuntu, which I also have the disconnection problem with.

I will say that the company I'm working for doesn't allow me to use the java client, we have multiple applications with different java-version requirements, so this would just create additional problems. I am in the minority as a desktop and citrix user, this I understand.

But Citrix you just aren't ready for Linux.

  • The frequent disconnects.
  • Lack of an RPM-based installer.
  • the TAR.GZ Receiver doesn't include all of the certs.
  • support documentation is poor
  • backwards compatible support doesn't exist.
  • the receiver isn't true 64-bit compatible


The disconnects may be related to the fact that I'm running 64-bit. This shouldn't really be the problem, but I have seen 64-bit/32-bit compatiblity issues. So maybe this one isn't yours, but then why not create a true 64-bit application.


Okay, at least I have an installer and it does work, but an RPM would be better and may upgrades, uninstalls, and installation easier and it would more easily address requirements. You do this checking for Windows, shouldn't you at least provide the same level for Linux.


This one is just annoying, I understand that Certs expire that some certs may be specific to my location so I should get those, but not providing the Entrust Cert just makes using your software that much harder. And if you are having problems with your ICA Client and you don't have the Entrust Cert go get it. And keep it someplace safe you will need to put it in your keystore if you reinstall or delete and install later. Citrix if this is because of the agreement with Entrust, then work out a new agreement.


This actually goes back to the Certs. There was poor documentation about the cert issue from Citrix. You have to do a lot of Googling (hopefully, this will end up there.) If you are having Cert Errors with Citrix, get the cert from Entrust and put it in your keystore. This is usually "ICAClient/linuxx86/keystore/cacerts/" in your home directory. The installation for Linux isn't very clear.

Backwards Compatible

I'm going to give you a pass with this, because there are a lot of issues in maintaining this deprecated commands, new features, but you should try to continue to support older commands, even if you have new functionality. Microsoft finally figured out a way to do this, and Adobe PDF's have been doing this for years. And if you need a better example RDP - at least this is an option, support the older clients or force them to be more secure.

64-Bit Support

I've accepted for years that 64-bit support didn't really exist, but now every hardware vendor is 64-bit and more machines have 64-bit OS. Put some good development efforts into supporting this. Stop making us have to do 32-bit compatibility or work arounds. I know it costs money, and it takes effort. But this isn't really something new. Heck, NT4.0 had 64-bit for the DEC Alpha. That was a great OS and machine -- too bad it was way ahead of it's time.

All of this comes from my frustation that Citrix, you really aren't ready for Linux. At least not the power-linux user.
Don't get me wrong, I love Citrix. Xen-App is great and my Xen-Desktop is in-valuable for my work.