My Hiatus is Over

Submitted by jbredehoeft on Wed, 03/18/2015 - 14:36

I've been busy with clients and consultants. I've let this site wallow. And I've gotten my pilot license so I can get to my clients faster and in most places.

I thought since I've been away this information on the sight might be out of date. But, I'm surprised. Many of clients are still on older hardware, older operating systems, and using older system. They aren't upgrading. I have clients still on XenApp 4.x, XenApp 6.x. And also older versions of VMware. Windows 2003 is still out there.


I see three reasons for this. 1. A lack of expertise to do upgrades, and 2. Cost and 3. Fear.
First, the lack of expertise. Upgrading can be a challenge. You need to test, you need to have an understand of outage times, and the effort involved. This is especially difficult if you don't have a test bed or testing methodology. Testing can be accomplished with virtual labs. Test, test, and test. A sub part of this is the lack of expertise, I see systems that are overly-complicated and not well planned and no clear focus on where to go. There is a lack of direction. Environments end up being patchwork quilts of technology. The more different software and processes the harder this becomes.

Second, cost. Budgets have been tight. The money wasn't there for consultants like me or for new licenses. But now many have been reaching the tipping point. Microsoft, Citrix, VMware are just refusing to support these older platforms. Many are being forced to bite the bullet. I think this is a good thing.

Lastly, fear. Clients have been functioning. Some of this is new and unknown. Is the software going to work? It is going to be more complex and harder. "I understand what I have now, I'm not sure how all this is going to work with this new ...." And at the same time, the fear of not understanding enough to be able to put all of this together. How does my ipad see information? can I get this on my iphone when I need it? But there is not app for this? Or even worse, I share everything through "dropbox." Then clients remember the last outage that took them down for 4 or more hours. Not everyone, but enough that production suffered.

So, I've got thoughts about the answers to these questions. And I'm going to provide some roadmaps for the company that I'm launching and guiding my clients.

Stay tuned.... no I won't be gone for as long as before.