Working From Home

Submitted by jbredehoeft on Mon, 08/31/2020 - 19:15

Covid19 has changed the world. It seems everyone is now working from home, or slowly getting back to work. Here a re a couple of things to consider, I’m sure this is behind the times, but it’s still relevant.

1. Try to set up a dedicated space for your home office, carve out a corner someplace if you have too. The garage works for summer, but you will have to re-evaluate come winter.
2. Get a web camera if you don’t have one. You will need if for web meetings/ video conferencing.
3. You will need a microphone for your conferences also. You can use your cellphone, or hardline, most systems will have a number for you to call in.
4. Fast internet. Fast enough to support your collaboration and conferencing. This one depends on what everyone else is doing also. Games, downloads, streaming movies durring work hours all affect it. If necessary turn off the unused devices, i.e. TV, Ring Camera, Game Console, iPads, Phones anything else that diminishes your bandwidth (unless this isn’t a factor)
5. A good router, you might need to change priority for some of the devices. Some routers will allow you to pause devices.
6. A second monitor, this is especially true if you were used to one at home.

Keep your workspace clutter free. Schedule a break, but stay on task. It’s easy to get distracted being at home. A dedicated space gets you in the mindset of working.