Zoom Conferencing

Submitted by jbredehoeft on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 10:30

Zoom conferencing has created a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic and quarantines around the world. Zoom is an easy product to use. It works on the popular platforms, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone. Zoom was the first to support 250 users and it has one of the simplest interfaces to learn. It works for collaboration and screen-sharing. This is especially useful for non-technical people.

Zoom also started out with a free version of the product. Other conferencing systems have followed suit both in a free offering and in the number of users they allow.

Encryption of the communication is a big factor. Zoom supports encryption but not from endpoint to endpoint (this could be a deal-breaker for some), the encryption is from the client to the Zoom server in a data center. Zoom allows the host or admin to pick the datacenter for meetings and webinars. There are a few caveats one is using the dial-in feature either with phone or IP phone (these use different connectors), the second is if you disable a region people will not be able to connect. The last caveat is this is a product from China and may not be suitable for use in some companies, one of my consulting companies has banned the use.

There are alternatives to Zoom. I'll discuss a couple of these in the coming weeks.

There is lots of great content, reviews and instructions for Zoom on the internet. You can see some of the Zoom content and instructions I've created at the link below: