VMware CarbonBlack

One of the sessions I enjoyed the most at VMworld this year was CarbonBlack. CarbonBlack is VMware's security solution, it is designed as a cloud native endpoint and workload protection platform providing Endpoint Protection, it is an AV solution, an Incident Response solution and is used to maintain Risk and Compliance. CarbonBlack is a lightweight agent and a very robust EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

Because CarbonBlack is a cloud solution it is able to analyze security events from all of the clients, in excess of 1 trillion security events. It is able to proactively uncover attack behavior patterns, enabling attacks to be detected and stopped. The system is able to work across the different cloud platforms and for any application. This is a unified solution.

In the hands-on labs I was able to see how it prevents attacks, stops the execution of downloaded applications. Additionally, it has a very robust and easy to implement management console (MC). Within the MC an administrator is also to capture and view the user and computer behaviors as they occur. From this information it is easy to develop rules to prevent attackers and data-breaches.

CarbonBlack is a very robust replacement for competitive products from 3rd party vendors. I was very impressed with its ease of use, ease of deployment, and the easy to understand and utilize management console. This is one of the more powerful and easy to use solutions I have worked with.

With CarbonBlack VMware is in a position to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

More information can be found at www.carbonblack.com